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Karr and Sherman Co., L.P.A. ("Karr & Sherman") began its association in 1990 with its mission to zealously protect the rights of its clients.


Keith Karr, the founding principal, began his legal practice with the law firm of Schottenstein, Zox and Dunn, and in 1985 opened a solo practice primarily defending insurance companies. He expanded his solo practice into areas such as criminal defense, domestic matters and civil business trial cases. Soon, Mr. Karr was representing individuals involved in serious injuries arising out of automobile collisions, wrongful death, and other personal injury cases.

Chiropractic Representation

During his years of practice, Mr. Karr developed a strong legal reputation in the chiropractic profession for representing injured chiropractic patients. Mr. Karr continues to enjoy a long lasting relationship with the Ohio State Chiropractic Association ("OSCA") based upon his representation of issues that affect the entire chiropractic profession.

Through his relationship with the OSCA, Mr. Karr worked with OSCA General Counsel Rob Sherman, who also served as its Executive Director.

In 1990, Mr. Karr and Mr. Sherman decided to form Karr & Sherman . Mr. Sherman maintained his relationship as General Counsel of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association for many years.

He also emerged as a national leader in instructing attorneys and business executives on negotiation and presentation skills. His book, Sherman's 21 Laws of Speaking: How to Inspire Others to Action , is endorsed by Ken Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager. Mr. Sherman also served as an executive speech coach, author and trainer for thousands of business leaders, attorneys and association executives throughout the USA .

Protecting Client Rights

From this association, Karr & Sherman began to protect clients' rights both individually and as a group. For instance, as a result of winning at the Ohio Supreme Court, the firm successfully represented the rights of patients to obtain care through chiropractic physicians from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation system. In another significant case, the firm's involvement led to a court decision that patients were properly receiving treatment from chiropractic physicians through the med-pay portion of their insurance policies. In still another major decision, a court of appeals held that chiropractic doctors were defined as "physicians" under the Ohio Consumer Sales Act, and as such, were exempt from countless meritless attacks.

Karr & Sherman continues to expand its reach into other complex litigation areas

Karr & Sherman was successful in representing hundreds of victims in complex litigation involving the drug know as Phen-Fen. The firm also fought and obtained significant compensation for the rights of the surviving correctional officers, who were severely injured due to the nationally known "Lucasville Riot" cases. Moreover, Karr & Sherman was able to change the Ohio 's archaic Innkeeper law through its representation of a business client.

In a major "win" for the individual who was forced to confront the power of a city, Karr & Sherman successfully argued before the Ohio Supreme Court that a City could not hide behind a claim of immunity in a wrongful death case that resulted from a fireworks explosion.

Karr & Sherman business law and litigation experience extends to the defense of companies in employment issues. The firm also represents managed care organizations attempting to decipher the myriad of rules that face a company attempting to do business with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.


These examples are only highlights of all the dedicated work that Karr & Sherman provides its clients. We encourage you to discover for yourself how Karr & Sherman zealously works for its clients by examining the published news articles, cases, and legal publications set forth in our website. At Karr & Sherman, we are dedicated in treating our practice as a profession, in which our clients' concerns come first.

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