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If you’re in an automobile accident, KARR & SHERMAN CO LPA recommend the following guidelines:


•Call the police.


•If you are injured in any way, seek immediate medical treatment.


•Exchange information with the other party (Do not forget to get the name of their insurance carrier and policy    number if available.)        


•Get the name, address (including email), and telephone numbers of all witnesses.


•Photograph your injuries and your damaged vehicle.


•Do not give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, or sign anything or accept a check from an insurance company without consulting an attorney.

If you are injured in an automobile collision, you will probably need to discuss your options with a personal injury attorney. There are many questions that you may have when attempting to receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Your Attorney Will Protect your Rights

Is insurance coverage adequate to compensate me?

It is important that there is enough insurance coverage to adequately compensate you for your injuries. This coverage can come from the person who hit you, your own car insurance, the insurance of one of your family members, or even your employer's automobile insurance policy. This is especially important to you if the person responsible for the collision does not have enough insurance to compensate you or has no insurance.

How will I pay my medical bills?

A personal injury lawyer will review your own car insurance policy to see if you have major medical coverage through a Med Pay provision. If so, it is likely that your doctors bills can be paid promptly. keep in mind that the insurance company covering the car that caused the accident will probably pay only at the time of settlement. We will also review for health insurance coverage.

How Victims May Recover Compensation From At Fault Automobile Drivers

If you have been injured in an automobile collision by an at fault act, it is important that you receive fair compensation for any injuries or damages. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that you know and understand your insurance policies and your recovery options. Karr & Sherman Co. L.P.A. created an educational brochure with the information you need to receive compensation to potentially make you and your family whole again after an at fault act.

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