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2019 Ohio State Chiropractic Association-On Target-Issue

What Can Happen if the Patient Takes the Doctor's Money from the Clinic's Billings?

2019 Ohio State Chiropractic Association-On Target-Second Quarter Issue "Can Your Personal Injury Chiropractic Fees Be Protected?"

2019 Ohio State Chiropractic Association-Civil Theft Article

Judges and Candidates meet the Doctors 2014

Chiropractic Judges Newsletter

Chiropractic Journal Karr & Sherman Fall 2014 

Chiropractic Journal

Ohio State Bar Association 2011 Convention

OSBA Handout Allstate Roby 3-4-11

     •Insurance and Negligence Law Update

     •Allstate v. Campbell and Other Recent Coverage Issues-What Now?

Ohio Association for Justice, Pending in the Ohio Supreme Court

Karr & Sherman will be defending its victory in the Franklin County Court of Appeals with its presentation of the “Fake Deer” insurance coverage case in the Ohio Supreme Court.

OAJ OSC Pending Cases

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly, Spring 2010

Civil Jury Trials, Franklin Country Common Pleas Court

CBA posting of Garner 4-10

Ohio Association for Justice Publication: Ohio Supreme Courts Abrogation of Third-Party Assignments

Ohio Trial Article

No Longer Worth The Price of The Paper On Which It Is Written

The Supreme Court of Ohio’s Abrogation of Third-Party Assignments, September 25, 2009         

What now with Medical assignments

Ethically Complicated Disbursements: New Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct Add Ethical Duties toward Third Parties

Article exploring Rules 1.15(d) and (e) of the new Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. The new rules, adopted in Ohio on February 1, 2007, add wrinkles to disbursement processes for case awards or settlements. Attorneys in Ohio must now be extra diligent in their accounting of the case and their attention to third party interests. A new ethical duty to those third party interest holders, such as those with subrogation rights, places an extra level of responsibility on an attorney's shoulders. Keith Karr examines this new ethical duty and its implications.

Published in the Spring 2007 edition of Ohio Trial. Written by Keith Karr with the assistance of his Senior Law Clerk, Jim Coutinho.

Ethically Complicated Disbursements

Doctors Beware: Unauthorized Practice of Law before the Ohio Industrial Commission

Article by Keith M. Karr that details the role limitations of doctors appearing on behalf their patients before the Ohio Industrial Commission. Keith describes the general principles of the unauthorized practice of law and details what doctors can and cannot do while testifying on behalf of their patients. To stay within the bounds of the law, doctors must remain in their role as an objective physician rather than an advocate.

Doctors Beware

The New Role of Assignments

Details important developments in attorney ethics rules affecting the collection of personal injury settlement and/or medical payments. Ohio Supreme Court changes the landscape for third party assignments.

Role of Assignments Flyer

Seminar Materials: Plaintiff's Personal Injury - Practice Tips and Application

Presentation at the October 27, 2006 Seminar.

PI Seminar Write Up Assessments

Outline of Rick Ashton's presentation at the October 27, 2006 Seminar.

PI Seminar Write Up Tax

Outline of Keith Karr's presentation at the October 27, 2006 Seminar.

PI Seminar Write Up Trial

Victims of Criminally Injurious Acts Brochure

Karr & Sherman Co., L.P.A. has brought together a brochure of useful information for victims of criminally injurious acts. Published on August 7, 2006. Written by Jim Coutinho, Senior Law Clerk. Edited by Keith Karr.

Victims of Criminally Injurious Acts Brochure

Is it Worth the Price of the Paper on Which it is Written?

Keith Karr examines the validity of medical providers assignments. Published in the Summer 2005 edition of Ohio Trial. Written by Keith Karr.

The Validity of Medical Providers Assignments

Chiropractors as Experts

Keith Karr rewiews the law's support of a chiropractic physician's right to testify as an expert. Published Ohio Trial Volume 12, Issue 3. Written by Keith Karr.

Chiropractors as Experts

Sherman's 21 Laws of Speaking: How to Inspire Others to Action

Rob Sherman helps readers become a leadership speaker through his useful 21 laws. Published Jul 1, 2000. Written by Rob Sherman.

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